PSE Insight Crossbow



The Insight™ crossbow is the ideal crossbow for teaching youth and beginners the basics of crossbow operation and safety. This longbow style crossbow was designed to provide a safer and user friendly crossbow experience for all ages.

Endorsed by the ATA as a part of the Explore Bowhunting program!
• Power Stroke: 10 3/4″
• Limb Tip-To-Tip Width: 22″ Cocked (26 5/8″ Uncocked)
• Speed: 160 FPS
• Mass Weight: 4.6 Lbs
• Draw Weight: 60 Lbs.

• Adjustable buttstock
• 4-bolt quiver
• Rubber-coated foot stirrup
• Open sight system
• Recurve stringer
• Cocking rope
• Wax stick
• 4X16″ aluminum bolts with field points