PSE Spotlight

Charm_OutdoorsCharm Outdoors, Charm, Ohio

Owner, Marty Hershberger

1. How long have you been an archery dealer?

I’ve owned Charm Outdoors for seven years now. The store originally opened in 1990, and after years of being a customer, I bought the store in 2010. I’ve been a PSE dealer from the beginning, but I started selling Pro Series bows in 2013.

2. How did you get into the archery industry?

My main hobby growing up was archery, and I worked on my own bows growing up. I was a customer of the store’s former owner since I was a kid, and when I got the chance to buy the local archery shop I did just that.

One of the things about going from customer to dealer is that you don’t get to shoot your own stuff as much, but I love interacting with customers and the industry.

3. What sets your shop apart?

It comes down to treating people right. Every retailer says that’s the ideal, but it can be tough to do right.

My shop is a little different because we specialize in big game hunting trips, so we carry a lot of gear for doing just that. We sell a lot to folks going out of Ohio to do Western big game hunting in Colorado, etc. We have a lot of Elk hunters and Mule Deer hunters shopping here. When we first started focusing on Western hunting, we didn’t know it would go this well…but it’s become really successful for us.

4. What makes the PSE brand special?

PSE is a longstanding brand that has a lot of followers, and every year they push the envelope of how good a bow can be. Top to bottom, no one has the value PSE has.

5. Do you focus on target archers, hunting, or a combination of both?

Strictly hunting. Our area is heavily geared toward hunters.

6. What question do you get asked most by customers who are looking to buy their first bow?

Usually it’s gear questions. What arrows go best with what bow? Most of what we get are equipment questions, not form or technique questions.

7. What technical question do you get asked the most?

The most common questions we get are from people don’t understand arrow spine and how it relates to shooting.

8. What’s your favorite part of your job?

The people. Hand downs, we just love our customers and interacting with them.

Each week, PSE spotlights one of our amazing dealers or staff shooters. This week it’s young up and coming PSE shooter, Kyle Douglas…








Shooter: Kyle Douglas from Harrisville, UT

Bow: PSE Xpression – Shooting PSE: 6 years

1. How did you get into archery?

I started it in a kid’s league and then transitioned into bowhunting. Eventually, I started doing local tournaments and things just kept going from there.

2. Why do you shoot PSE?

When I was first getting into target archery I tried a bunch of different bows and nothing felt as good as the PSE. Their bow designs just fit me best. I like the way they shoot and they’ve always worked out for me…I’ve never thought about switching to anything else.

3. Do you hunt as well?

Yep. I love hunting elk, it’s my favorite game by far.

4. Do you prefer indoor tournaments, Field Archery or 3D?

I don’t have a preference; I need all the experience I can get. I shoot whatever is available to me locally, I’ve shot Vegas, Lancaster, ATA, some outdoor target stuff. Right now I shoot everything I can.

5. What’s your proudest moment as a competitive archer?

Winning Young Adult in Vegas back in 2015.

6. What advice would you give other competitive archers just starting out?

There are so many different thing you can focus on…getting your bow set-up correctly is an easy one. But my biggest piece of advice is to find a coach you trust and focus on their advice. Sometimes you can get to the point where you listen to too many people and things can get jumbled. Pick one good coach and stick with their advice.

7. What are your goals for the next five years of competition?

Get more experience. Compete at the highest level every shoot. Podium at some high profile events.

8. What makes the PSE brand unique in your opinion?

They stand behind their product, and they have something to offer for everyone. Top level professional shooters, kids, traditional archers. PSE does it all and stands behind every product.

Thanks to Kyle Douglas for taking the time out to speak to us this week. Best of luck at your next shoot, Kyle!

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