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Stephan Hansen took the win in Men’s Pro this weekend at the NFAA Indoor Nationals in Cincinnati, overcoming a tough field and a long, intense shootoff. The competition was so grueling that twenty-one of the competitors in Men’s Pro Freestyle shot 600 with 120Xs heading into the shootoff on Sunday evening.

In the end, Hansen shot a perfect 25, keeping all five arrows into the X-ring and taking the crown. According to PSE founder Pete Shepley, clutch performances like this are what make Hansen one of the best archers in the world.

“We recognized early on just how special a shooter Stephan is,” stated Shepley. “Year after year he continues to prove us right, and we’re proud to have him on Team PSE.”

The ARCHERY CAPRA WORLD SLAM is a MASSIVE achievement! The challenge is to harvest 12 different species of Capra from around the world, all done with a bow. These hunts are a serious test of strength, skill, and perseverance, as it requires hunting in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

That Pedro has accomplished this with his PSE bow is an amazing achievement. This is just a tease of what’s to come, so be sure to check back on December 11th for the full story!

Team PSE shooter Jack Wallace II won the Men’s Open Pro division this weekend at the ASA Pro/Am in Phenix City, AL. This was Wallace’s second straight major ASA win with his PSE Perform-X after also taking the top spot at the Foley ASA event in February.

According to Wallace, he wasn’t feeling much in the way of extra pressure at the chance to win his second ASA Open Pro title in a row, he was just happy to make find himself in the situation to do so…

“I just felt a sense of relief and happiness that I made it to the dance. On the first day of the tournament, I was not able to capitalize on three different 12 rings at shorter distances, so I thought I left points on the board. On day two I went six targets before I was able to hit my first 12, so I started very slow. By the time I was able to make it to the shoot down, I felt very fortunate and just happy to be there.”

In addition to Wallace’s impressive victory, Team PSE also rocked the Senior Division, with Darin Watts taking the top spot in the Senior Hunter class. PSE shooters Keith Hensley and David Parson took 1st and 3rd respectively in the Senior Known class. Randy Holley took 2nd in Super Senior.

Team PSE also had nine other Top Ten finishes across a variety of classes, including Briley Davis placing 3rd in Women’s K40, Jonathan Shadell taking 2nd in Semi-Pro, and Kody Gregg placing 4th in the Known Pro shoot down.

Team PSE had an amazing weekend at the ASA Pro/Am in Foley, AL.! Jack Wallace took first place in Men’s Pro, with Scott Darnell taking the top spot in the Senior Pro division and Michael Braden taking 2nd. Meanwhile, Christine Harrelson shot lights out on her way into the Women’s Pro shootout before ultimately finishing fourth. Congratulations to Team PSE on a great performance!

Jack Wallace

Christine Harrelson


Photos Courtesy: Bowjunky Media | Scott Darnell

PSE Pic3









PSE Proudly Announces the Addition of Jack Wallace II to our Elite Pro Staff!

Jack started shooting archery when he was 7 years old with the help of his dad. He loved the unknown 3D archery game and how it helped prepare him for hunting situations, teaching him how to calm his nerves and take a steady shot. Jack continued to excel, so he turned Open Pro in 1995 and hit the 3D circuit. One year later he won his first ASA tournament in the Pro division. Jack has won every major national, world, and shooter of the year title 3D archery currently offers.

Some of his accomplishments include:
ASA World Classic Champion
ASA Shooter of the Year
ASA Record Holder
IBO World Champion (2-times)
IBO National Triple Crown Champion (3-times)
IBO Shooter of the Year (3-times)

When not shooting and competing, Jack loves teaching and coaching. He is a USA Archery Certified coach and has helped numerous students in several different classes earn national and world archery titles.
When the 3D season is over, you can usually find Jack in the outdoors chasing big game with his bow and arrow. He has taken several Pope & Young class animals including deer, bear, elk, and antelope.

What a weekend for Team PSE at the ASA event in Paris, TX! Lewis Holmes III, Christopher Perkins and Stephan Hansen all headed into the shootoff, with Holmes and Perkins taking the 1st and 2nd spots in Known Pro, while  Connor Sears also took home the top spot in K45!

Congrats to every member of Team PSE in competition this weekend!










It was a great weekend for Team PSE at the 2017 NFAA Indoor Nationals in Cincinnati, with Team PSE’s Stephan Hansen finishing second in Open Men’s Pro, and PSE shooters Alex Wifler and Lewis Holmes III joined him in the shoot-off after the three competitors spent the weekend shooting perfect 300/60X. PSE Pro Shooter Scott Starnes also had a solid weekend, earning a spot in the top half of the field, while Kent Stigal took the crown in Senior Male Freestyle.

While the men shot well, the women of Team PSE were not going to be outdone. Dee Starnes took home the Senior Pro Female championship, and she had company at the top of the podium with Savanah Vanderwier (Champion, Young Adult Female), and Martha Lorence (Silver Senior Female) both taking the top spot in their divisions.

Congratulations to Team PSE for all of their hard work and great shooting this weekend at the NFAA Indoor Nationals.

Courtesy of Archery Wire.

Hansen Dee_Starnes Holmes AWifler

Team PSE had a dominant weekend at the 2016 ASA Classic in Georgia, with Nathan Brooks taking the Men’s Open Pro championship and Chris Perkins winning the Men’s K50! Perkins also took 2nd Place in K50 Shooter of the Year with Tim Gillingham taking 3rd place in the ASA Shooter of the Year competition.


Nathan Brooks
Perkins K50
Chris Perkins


Team PSE’s Stephan Hansen does it again, winning both individual gold and team gold at the European Archery Championships in Nottingham with his PSE Xpression bow!

“Double EUROPEAN CHAMPION!!! What a awesome day. First winning in shoot-off with my awesome team and then winning individual gold! Thank you so much to all the people supporting me!” – Stephan Hansen

Stephan Hansen Wins 2016 European Championship!


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