Stephan Hansen took the win in Men’s Pro this weekend at the NFAA Indoor Nationals in Cincinnati, overcoming a tough field and a long, intense shootoff. The competition was so grueling that twenty-one of the competitors in Men’s Pro Freestyle shot 600 with 120Xs heading into the shootoff on Sunday evening.

In the end, Hansen shot a perfect 25, keeping all five arrows into the X-ring and taking the crown. According to PSE founder Pete Shepley, clutch performances like this are what make Hansen one of the best archers in the world.

“We recognized early on just how special a shooter Stephan is,” stated Shepley. “Year after year he continues to prove us right, and we’re proud to have him on Team PSE.”

TUCSON, Arizona – PSE’s Drive bows are renowned for delivering pro-level hunting performance at an unbelievable price, and with the introduction of the 2019 PSE Drive SB and Drive XL, this same level of value performance is available for the short draw shooter and those looking for a long axle-to-axle comfort bow with a longer draw length.

The 2019 PSE Drive SB is powered by PSE’s new SB cam, allowing for a short draw length of 22”-25-1/2” while still delivering speeds of up to 292 fps. The Drive SB is also a smoothing shooting bow with 85% and weighs in at a light mass weight of 3.7 lbs., making it the ideal short draw hunting bow for only $549.00

For shooters who want a longer axle-to-axle bow with more comfort and forgiveness, PSE has also announced the Drive XL, which features an ultra-smooth 3-Track Binary Cam with a high letoff of 85% and a hard back wall for an amazing shooting experience. With its axle-to-axle of 33-1/4”, and a longer draw length range out to 32”, the Drive XL is an unparalleled performer in its price range of $549.00.

According to Blake Shelby, VP of Sales & Marketing for PSE, the Drive SB and Drive XL were designed to provide high-performance bows at an amazing price to the underserved markets of short draw and long draw shooters.

“At PSE our philosophy is that we engineer a bow for everyone,” stated Shelby. “We always listen to feedback from PSE consumers and dealers, and the one request we hear consistently is for us to engineer short draw and longer axle-to-axle bows that offer high-level performance at a mid-range price. The Drive SB and Drive XL are the results of those requests.”

Check out the 2019 PSE Drive SB and Drive XL today!

TUCSON, Arizona – PSE revealed their all-new $299 Coalition crossbow at the 2019 ATA Trade Show last week in Louisville, KY. This fast, compact, and ergonomic crossbow shoots at a powerful 380 fps and features an adjustable stock, pass-through foregrip, and the convenience of cocking device compatibility. This all adds up to make the PSE Coalition the most feature-packed crossbow in its price class.

“In the last few years, PSE has made a name for itself in delivering high-performance crossbows with top-shelf features at an amazing price,” stated Clay Jenkins, Product Line Manager for PSE. “The 2019 Coalition is the only high-speed, entry-level crossbow on the market that is cocking device compatible, and I think it’s our most impressive crossbow package yet.”

The PSE Coalition prices at $299 and comes in a Ready to Shoot Package with a 4X32 illuminated reticle scope, 4-bolt quiver, 3-20” carbon bolts, ADF & auto safety trigger, rubber-coated foot stirrup, cocking rope, and rail lube. Check it out here!


The ARCHERY CAPRA WORLD SLAM is a MASSIVE achievement! The challenge is to harvest 12 different species of Capra from around the world, all done with a bow. These hunts are a serious test of strength, skill, and perseverance, as it requires hunting in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

That Pedro has accomplished this with his PSE bow is an amazing achievement. This is just a tease of what’s to come, so be sure to check back on December 11th for the full story!

PSE founder Pete Shepley joined Drury Outdoors’ 100% Wild podcast to talk about his life and times in the archery business, including the industry’s transition from the recurve to the compound bow. Pete also talks about the early days of PSE, the development of the first PSE compound bows, and where we are now. Check it out below!

Congratulations to PSE’s very own Alexander Kirillov for being selected as one of USA Archery’s 2018 Developmental Coaches of the Year…

“Alexander takes young, aspiring archers and helps turn them into champions. His JOAD club provides a great learning experience for both beginner and experienced archers. His experience and knowledge of the sport is second to none. Coach is always positive and encouraging to his students and anyone that is around him. His professionalism is always on display. He is loved and respected by his students.”

Coach Kirillov has been at the head of Precision Shooter’s JOAD for decades, and he has led multiple students to compete at the highest levels, including the Olympics.

If you have a student interested in learning from Coach Kirillov, learn more at the PSE Archery Schools page. For more from USA Archery, click here.

Tucson, AZ – PSE Archery announced today the release of its 2019 bow line, including the next evolution of Evolve Series bows. The bows leading the charge will be the new 35” Axle-to-Axle version of the best performing carbon bow on the market, the 2019 Carbon Air® Stealth 35, along with the new Evolve® Cam System (ECS) powered Evoke™ 35 and Evoke™ 31.

PSE shooters have been clamoring for a 35” Axle-to-Axle version of the Carbon Air® Stealth, the market’s only high-performance monocoque-carbon bow. Built from a single piece of carbon, the 2019 Carbon Air® Stealth 35 features greater forgiveness and stability thanks to the longer Axle-to-Axle, and it’s made to be stiffer and stronger than other carbon risers. This bow is also both unbelievably light at 3.5 lbs. and dead in the hand.

Joining the Carbon Air® Stealth are the brand new 2019 Evoke™35 and Evoke™31. PSE changed the archery industry two years ago with the release of its acclaimed Evolve® Cam System, delivering unparalleled comfort and shootability with 90% let-off, but with the 2019 Evoke™ bows, PSE has engineered the Evolve® Cam System onto a caged riser for upgraded stiffness, strength, and up to 335 fps of shooting speed.

All PSE Evolve® Cam System (ECS) bows are available in EC or SE models, with swappable modules to increase let-off or speed, depending on the shooter’s preference. According to Blake Shelby, VP of Sales & Marketing for PSE, this is just one more thing that makes PSE’s 2019 Evolve® Cam bows the best on the market.

“Our 2019 lineup is one that I’m really excited, about…” said Shelby. “So many shooters out there have been asking for our Evolve® Cam in a next generation caged riser platform, and we know the carbon shooters have been chomping at the bit for a new 35” Axle-to-Axle version of the Stealth. We really set out this year to give archers what they’ve been asking for, and I think we delivered in a big way.”

This year’s PSE line also include the new Bow Madness® Unleashed®, a pure whitetail hunting bow built on an ultra-stiff riser and powered by PSE’s incredibly smooth new 3-track binary cam, the Unleashed® delivers amazing let-off (85%), smoother pull, and a super-solid back wall, all while shooting up to 340 fps. PSE has also set a new standard for value performance for a pro level hunting bow with the new Drive™3B.

The Drive™3B is based on a redesigned forged riser and 3-track binary cam to deliver rock-solid shot stability, amazing let-off (85%) and incredible accuracy. The Drive™3B also shoots a fast 330 fps at the unbeatable price of $499.99, which, according to PSE founder Pete Shepley, makes this the best line PSE has ever offered.

“We are stacked from top to bottom with great bows for 2019,” stated Shepley. “Every year our engineers come up with new ways to top ourselves, but this year is something truly special. 2019 is going to go down as our best bow offerings ever.”



Chatfield, MN – On May 19th, at a Cabela’s in Phoenix Arizona, Marvin Zieser, Corky Richardson, Roy Grace and Ed Fanchin convened a P&Y Special Panel of Judges to measure a non-typical Coues deer taken by Wesley Ely of Wilcox, Arizona. The deer was shot in August 2017 in velvet and stripped prior to the official measurement. The final score of 139 2/8 ties the existing P&Y World Record.

Read more at Archery Wire.

Team PSE shooter Jack Wallace II won the Men’s Open Pro division this weekend at the ASA Pro/Am in Phenix City, AL. This was Wallace’s second straight major ASA win with his PSE Perform-X after also taking the top spot at the Foley ASA event in February.

According to Wallace, he wasn’t feeling much in the way of extra pressure at the chance to win his second ASA Open Pro title in a row, he was just happy to make find himself in the situation to do so…

“I just felt a sense of relief and happiness that I made it to the dance. On the first day of the tournament, I was not able to capitalize on three different 12 rings at shorter distances, so I thought I left points on the board. On day two I went six targets before I was able to hit my first 12, so I started very slow. By the time I was able to make it to the shoot down, I felt very fortunate and just happy to be there.”

In addition to Wallace’s impressive victory, Team PSE also rocked the Senior Division, with Darin Watts taking the top spot in the Senior Hunter class. PSE shooters Keith Hensley and David Parson took 1st and 3rd respectively in the Senior Known class. Randy Holley took 2nd in Super Senior.

Team PSE also had nine other Top Ten finishes across a variety of classes, including Briley Davis placing 3rd in Women’s K40, Jonathan Shadell taking 2nd in Semi-Pro, and Kody Gregg placing 4th in the Known Pro shoot down.

Would you like to find out what PSE Compound Bow Series is best for you?