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2 days ago

PSE Archery

There's nothing better than a Robin Hood with your PSE - except a Robin Hood on league night! 👏🎯
📸: Danny DeFauw / Up North Journal
#pse #psearchery #archery #psebows #arrow #target #robinhood #targetarchery #indoorarchery #nfaa #usaarchery
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Theres nothing better than a Robin Hood with your PSE - except a Robin Hood on league night! 👏🎯
📸: Danny DeFauw / Up North Journal
#pse #psearchery #archery #psebows #arrow #target #robinhood #targetarchery #indoorarchery #nfaa #usaarchery


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I limit myself how many arrows I shoot at a target it happens often, also mythbusters could not do this lol

been there done that, twice actually.

PSE Evolve 35

I’ve done it too...gets expensive


It's fun the first time after that it's just expensive

I’d rather not ruin two arrows personally but whatever floats your boat

It would have been better if it was in the X but still cool.

I done it 8 times.

Great shooting

Y not shoot a 3 spot target face?

Unless that robin hood is anywhere outside the bullseye. Those are pretty bad too.

That's to expensive I never shoot twice at the same target

Have mine up on the wall in my office. 😊

I have done this 3 times. All with the older styled aluminum arrows with the tapered ends with the glue "on" nocks. Either way, new or old style shafts, this is still a rare feat when you consider the number of times it happens compared to the number of arrows shot. Although it does seem to happen more often now-a-days. What with better equipment, different styles of arrows, and with most people using releases.

Sorry, but needs to be in the X Ring! 😀

Bought a PSE... went to bow shop.. bought arrows and 7 shots in i Robin Hood my new arrow

but they all missed center.

At least they are not $35 arrows.Good going.

Havent done it yet but I've had few come close. Practice practice practice

I've done that a couple of times, then I started shooting na holt

That is not a Robin Hood. It has to be a bullseye first

I have done that once and still have the arrow's together

Done that but it never sticks

Judging by that target he got extremely lucky. I believe a Robin Hood implies he tried to split the arrow on purpose.

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