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1 day ago

PSE Archery

🏹 What would you do? 🏹

Take the shot - or hope he grows even more? 🤔
#pse #psearchery #psebows #bowhunting #deer #deerhunting #hunting #fieldandstream #outdoorlife #meateater
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🏹 What would you do? 🏹 

Take the shot - or hope he grows even more? 🤔 
#pse #psearchery #psebows #bowhunting #deer #deerhunting #hunting #fieldandstream #outdoorlife #meateater


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Leave him alone I hunt for food not trophies!

Let him walk he has already busted you I don't care about how fast your bow is he he could move faster an you risk a bad hit an that's not ethical.


Maybe this is all the years of teaching hunter safety, but, with no solid and for sure backstop, and not knowing what is on the other side of the knoll behind him, the correct answer is, "You don't take the shot!!" But that's me.

What kind of goofy question is that?

Who you think we are the Drury brothers??? Lolol. Dirt nap for that big fella...

What a ridiculous question!

Looks to be 3.5 so id shoot

Shoot to Grill! 😋

As for me I would think it depends on private or public land. Can't really tell if he's only three years of age. Private land I would let him go for another year or so public land freezer

Dead, that’s a five year old deer and more than likely a trophy of a lifetime for anyone

I would hope he got to a few does as my pin settled in place

Pass. Hunters Ed teaches do not shoot unless you’re sure what’s beyond your target. PS someone might find my bloody pass through.

At that exact moment he would be done growing!!

Think for about two seconds and then wack him. A deer in the freezer is worth two in the bush.

Shoot all day long and especially with my pse full throttle

Not even a question. Let the PSE eat

I here by Decree Ti to invite this buck into my freezer.

Pull the bow back and try to keep your emotions in check. Then let it fly

Shoot it. Then grill it. Gotta love venison jerky, burgers and those back straps😎

This is a mature buck. Take him.

Takin the shot... dead deer down!!

If it is the only one I have seen it will be shot end of story

Fill freezer give my husky some new chew toys (antlers)

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